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Bucket Manager

Do you have valued Slot Players that would prefer using their Comp Dollars at the Slot Machine as opposed to any of the Property Amenities?

Mobile Assistant - Slot Dispatch System

Do your staff limitations keep you from meeting the Service Expectations of your Players?”

“Are your Supervisors aware of when current Service Times are outside of your Company Goals?”

Speedy Serve - Beverage Management System

Speedy Serve Beverage System

Speedy Serve enables your players to create their own beverage order at their leisure, from your custom menu right at their slot machine. The player receives updates on their order and will be notified that “your beverage is on its way” and minutes later the drink is delivered!

Bonus Now

The Bonus Now product enables the casino to configure a Bonus Promotion to run an interactive content bonus show. This bonus content show will be displayed to the patron on the first card-in to eligible patrons. Additionaly, we will create a bonus show to reveal the winnings to the patron.

Content Commander

From time to time, the system application will only run specific system display show numbers for specific events at hardcoded durations.

The Content Commander puts the User/Operator in control of what content to run for any transaction at a desired duration.


The ability to configure an System Display Show to run for group of patrons when their card is inserted.


IncentaVision - iSeries Compatible Interactive Slot Content

System Display Bonus Product

Are your valued slot Players leaving the Slot Machine not knowing how close they are to receiving a Reward, Bonus or Comp?

Are your Players leaving the slot machines to wait in line at the Player’s Club just to find out they have not played enough to get their reward?

Throughout the industry there is always a percentage of Player’s that do not understand the point system and are hesitant to inquire about their status. Additionally many Players fear embarrassment and being told NO. IncentaVision targets and eliminates these problems, providing your Players a positive and fun reward experience.

PIN Eazy - iSeries Compatible Interactive Slot Content

Reset PINs right at the slot machine

Are your valued slot Players frustrated when they have forgotten their Personal Identification Number and can’t access their Promotional/Bonus offers? Are they leaving the Slot Machine to wait in line to reset their PIN at the Player’s Club?PIN Eazy will identify any invalid PIN entry attempts that are currently being monitored by the Player’s Club, (i.e. PIN cannot be in sequential order, 2345, 4 of the same digit, etc.). If the Player does try a PIN that is invalid, an error message will be displayed and the Player must try another PIN selection.

MicroFirst's "PIN Eazy" eliminates all this frustration by enabling the player to "Change" or "Set" their PIN right at the slot machine. 

Pick-A-Bonus - Interactive Multi Bonusing Dashboard

Interactive Multi Bonusing Dashboard

Are your valued slot players confused when they have overlapping bonus offers available to them? Are they spending their time calling out to your staff or waiting in your Player’s Club line to find out what’s going on? Only to later find out that they didn’t know about a Promotion/Bonus?

This is frustrating not only for your valued Players but also your staff. MicroFirst Gaming’s “Pick-A-Bonus” solves all this confusion by showing all available offers in one simple to understand and easy to navigate interactive menu on the slot system display, right at each Slot Machine. It also frees up your Promotion’s Booth line for your new customers and keeps your existing customers at the Slot Machine.

SlamNet™ - Serial-to-Ethernet using Existing Infrastructure

The SlamNet™ Gaming Floor Solution allows you to achieve Ethernet speeds of up to 100 mbps utilizing your existing serial working infrastructure.

Are you searching for a cost effective network solution for your floor? Do you want a way of doing it without spending a ton of money?

MicroFirst has the Answer: SlamNet™. Our SlamNet™ gaming floor solution allows you to achieve Ethernet speeds of up to 100 mbps utilizing your existing serial working infrastructure! By virtually eliminating the costs and effort associated with re-wiring, SlamNet thereby delivering more than 40% savings over traditional network conversion solutions.