Software Products

MicroFirst Gaming's software products are built and designed to provide targeted gaming solutions while delivering your property a distinct competitive advantage. These software products enhance your Player’s experience, set your property above the rest, save you money, make you more competitive, and improve your operations.

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Speedy Serve Mobile

Speedy Serve enables your players to create their own beverage order at their leisure, from your custom menu right at their slot machine. The player receives updates on their order and will be notified that “your beverage is on its way” and minutes later the drink is delivered!


Mobile Assistant

Mobile Assistant provides real-time event notification to your staff, allowing for enhanced service to your Players by reducing the amount of time they wait to be taken care of. Mobile Assistant also provides notification directly to the supervisor on shift of excessive Player wait times. It’s simple to configure to meet your individual Casino needs and allows for dynamic “on the fly” configuration.


Bonus now

Bonus Now enables a Bonus Promotion to run an interactive content bonus show. This Bonus content show will be displayed to the patron on the first card-in to eligible patrons. Additionally, we create a bonus show to reveal the winnings to the patron.


Bucket manager

MicroFirst Gaming’s Bucket Manager provides the property with a controllable promotion to reduce the Comp Dollar liability currently on the books. It also frees up your Player’s Club line for your new Slot Players and keeps your existing Slot Players at the Slot Machine.


Content commander

Sometimes the system application will only run specific system display show numbers for specific events at hardcoded durations. Content Commander puts the User/Operator in control of what content to run for any transaction at a desired duration and provides a targeted content presentation to the patron once a configured transaction is received by the iSeries.


PIN Eazy

Our research has shown that over 200 PIN inquiry transactions are occurring a day at Player’s Clubs. MicroFirst’s PIN Eazy eliminates all this frustration by enabling the player to “Change” or “Set" their PIN right at the slot machine.



IncentaVision provides a visual representation of the Player's achievable Promotional/Bonus Rewards, what they’ve earned, what they’re currently working towards, as well as what higher Promotional/Bonus Rewards may be earned. IncentaVision lets your Players see how close they are to reaching their next reward level because it is displayed right at their Slot Machine. It frees up your Promotions Booth lines for your new customers and keeps your existing customers at the Slot Machine.



IntellaTarget provides the ability to target specific Players with custom content and audio messages when they insert their Players Card at any gaming machine.



MicroFirst Gaming’s Pick-A-Bonus provides your Players with an organized interactive experience. The Player can see the Promotions/Bonus available to them and will have the choice to select which Promotion/Bonus they want to activate first.


Slot Excellence Assessment

MicroFirst Gaming’s Slot Excellence Assessment will help you find any problems and increase revenue at your Casino. Our Slot Excellence Assessment is a non-intrusive process that carefully sifts through the details of thousands of system transactions, searching for unusual conditions.