Are your valued slot Players leaving the Slot Machine without knowing how close they are to receiving a Reward, Bonus or Comp? Are they leaving the slot machines to wait in line at the Player’s Club just to find out they have not played enough to get their reward?

Throughout the industry there is always a percentage of Player’s that do not understand the point system and are hesitant to inquire about their status. Additionally, many Players fear embarrassment and being told NO. IncentaVision targets and eliminates these problems, providing your Players a positive and fun reward experience.

MicroFirst Gaming’s IncentaVision Product provides a visual representation of the Player's achievable Promotional/Bonus Rewards, what they’ve earned, what they’re currently working towards, as well as what higher Promotional/Bonus Rewards may be earned. IncentaVision lets your Players see how close they are to reaching their next reward level because it is displayed right at their Slot Machine. It frees up your Promotions Booth lines for your new customers and keeps your existing customers at the Slot Machine.

IncentaVision will activate your current system’s promotional bonuses and other specialized content when players reach configurable point thresholds. IncentaVision displays how many points have been earned and visualizes how much more play is needed for a prize to be awarded.


IncentaVision can be personalized for your casino with a consistent look and feel that matches your branding. Contact MicroFirst Gaming about IncentaVision and we’ll arrange to get it up and running for your players on your casino floor right away.