About MicroFirst Gaming

Founded in 1985, MicroFirst Gaming® is an award-winning, international hardware and software company focused on providing high quality, cost-effective solutions. Since its inception, MicroFirst Gaming® has served a variety of industries, including broadcast automation, digital signage, hospitality, and gaming, and has continued to push the limits in state of the art technology. Our in-depth knowledge, vast experience, and dedication to delivering creative, cost-effective solutions have positioned us as a leader in technology service, visual content, hardware, and software solutions.

At MicroFirst Gaming®, we take great pride in the high standards and quality of work we put forth. We strive to create long-lasting relationships with our clients, while giving them all the tools, training, and services they need to be at their very best.

We have provided the technology for the digital display of advertisements on JumboTron™ signs, presentations in museums, on-board television for cruise ships, data collection, system controls, and more.

Our high caliber engineers and application resources also have extensive knowledge and experience within the gaming industry, having delivered core slot management system software, hardware, and content to casino floors around the world for over two decades.

With MicroFirst Gaming®, clients can finally have their wish list become reality. Whether it’s an exciting concept waiting to be brought to life, compensating for resource restrictions, or training new employees due to staff turnover, MicroFirst Gaming® can facilitate the process and meet those deadlines.

No matter what your industry, MicroFirst Gaming® can provide a creative solution to help your business meet its full potential.