PIN Eazy

Our research has shown that over 200 PIN inquiry transactions are occurring a day at Player’s Clubs. MicroFirst’s PIN Eazy eliminates all this frustration by enabling the player to “Change” or “Set" their PIN right at the slot machine. Below, we’ve featured a sample walk-thru of the patron process that would be seen right at the iView on their Slot Machine:


Intro Screen

PIN Eazy verifies that a Player’s PIN is set and monitors, in real-time, if a Player has locked out their PIN. If so, an interactive menu is presented, guiding the Player through the process of setting their PIN. Once the Player touches the “Set PIN” button, (where applicable) the Player’s identity is validated by a staff member. Then Player will be prompted with “Touch the Screen to Create PIN.”

Enter PIN Screen

The player is then asked to enter their NEW PIN and to confirm their NEW PIN number.

PIN Successfully Created Screen

PIN Eazy identifies any invalid PIN entry attempts that are currently being monitored by the Player's Club, (i.e. PIN cannot be in sequential order, 2345, four of the same digit, etc.). If the player does try a PIN that is invalid, an error message will be displayed and the player must try another PIN selection.


PIN Eazy will be personalized for your casino with a consistent look and feel that matches your branding. Get PIN Eazy up and running for your players on your casino floor right away.