Gaming Services

3rd Party Interface Integration

We will work with your product vendors to provide a specific solution or turnkey integration of your third-party products.

Board and Electronic Repairs

Slot System Board Repair
MicroFirst's board repair facility provides fast turn around and up-front capped costs.

ManPower Services

ManPower Services
Have you been overwhelmed with Gaming Board Software Revocations with unattainable due dates utilizing your current internal staff? MicroFirst's ManPower solution can help.

Server Extended Warranty

A comprehensive extended service plan to ensure the Slot System Servers have support and repair services. With today’s ticketing and other crucial functions, a server failure without support and repair coverage could be catastrophic. MicroFirst will document and register all servers included in plan.

Slot Excellence

slot floor, lost revenue, slot dept reports, slot system security analysis
System issues can cause lost revenue - MicroFirst's Slot Excellence Assessment will help you find it!

System and Slot Machine - Upgrades, Releases, Versions & EPROMS

Eliminate issues occurring with new software that may affect player bonusing or ticketing