Pick-A-Bonus - Interactive Multi Bonusing Dashboard


The MicroFirst Gaming “Pick-A-Bonus” provides your Players with an organized interactive experience. The Player sees and knows the Promotions/Bonus available to them and may select which Promotion/Bonus they want to activate first. This eye-catching Promotional/Bonusing Dashboard feature gives your Players a quick understanding of all the Promotional/ Bonus offerings available to them. The presentation of each Promotion/Bonus presents the available amounts and expiration information clearly to the Players and contributes to a Player’s excitement– providing higher ROI from your marketing offerings.

Additionally, our “Pick-A-Bonus” product provides the Player with the ability to view all their Promotions/Bonuses and select which one they want to redeem.

Intro Screen

A personalized message is displayed to the patron informing that promotions are available. The patron will then be asked to “Select a Bonus” to activate.


Selection Screen

The Player is displayed an instructional “How-To” to activate the Promotion/Bonus of choice. The Player is displayed the current activated promotion with your own promotional logos. Additionally, any amounts available and their expiration dates are displayed. The Player is able to select and activate whatever Promotions/Bonus they want by touching the appropriate logo.

Confirmation Screen

The Player will be displayed the confirmation message “Are you sure you want to activate the selected Promotion/Bonus?”, The Player will then have a choice to select “Yes” to activate or “No” to cancel the request and make another choice.

Once the patron activates a new promotion, the “Pick-a-Bonus” show will end and the patron will be able to select the Bonus feature on the main menu to redeem their reward.

If you are interested, please contact MicroFirst to get your “Pick-a-Bonus” demo scheduled.