Speedy Serve Mobile

MicroFirst® Gaming’s NEW Speedy Serve Mobile revolutionizes how your players, staff, and management experience beverage service. Your players will enjoy enhanced customer service features and swift drink deliveries. Your staff will enjoy the automation, ease of use and organization of drink order history that’s offered and management will enjoy the reporting information, accountability and efficiency of staff time and customer satisfaction that Speedy Serve delivers; all while offering universal compatibility to any Casino floor and complete mobile device support.


Speedy Serve Mobile benefits your customers because…

  • players will have the ability to request drink service right at their seat instead of waiving down waitresses.

  • pitbosses and management will have the ability to request drink service from their handhelds.

  • waitresses will be able to place a drink order through their handhelds and receive updates on drink orders this way as well.

  • all drinks closed out are tracked within the system's central database.

  • players will receive faster drink service.

  • multiple payment methods are supported.


Key points of the Speedy Serve Mobile process:

  • Many custom abilities to address your wants and needs

  • Works as a standalone system or can be integrated into your Slot System

  • Instead of waiving down a Waitress, the Pitboss and Management have abilities to request drink service from their handheld

  • Alcoholic Drink threshold is configured and enforced through the system

  • Enhanced Theft Protection, Close Loop System

  • All Alcoholic Drinks are logged into a central database and the payment collection is tracked

  • The system can be developed to automatically post directly to a third party system

  • The system can be developed to automatically close the Ticket directly to a third party system

  • Advanced data reporting

  • Significantly reduces wait and service times (75% or better)


Download our Speedy Serve Fact Sheet here.

Speedy Serve Mobile is personalized for your casino, with a consistent look and feel that matches your property’s branding. Contact us to learn more.