G2E 2015 An Overwhelming Success for MicroFirst Gaming Inc.

This year’s Global Gaming Expo (“G2E”) was an overwhelming success.  During the 3 day event, there was non-stop traffic at the MicroFirst Gaming Booth.  There was much excitement over the various products showcased.  Additionally, the sharing of ideas on how to generate excitement, and provide enhanced experiences for your Casino Patrons was mutually beneficial.  Many of our Products and Professional Services presented generated significant interest, and we will be working with you to move successfully forward.

Below is the list of the Hot Products which generated significant interest:

ActiveFloor is a massive multi-touch high-resolution floor panel display system.  Uses include: Dance Floors, Promotional Areas, Bartops, etc.  ActiveFloor is a High Resolution Digital Sign with complete Touch Interaction.  Offering, Advertisements, Marketing, Games, Education, Information, etc..  ActiveFloor provides an Interactive Experience second to none.    

Speedy Serve
Speedy Serve allows your Players to order a drink at their leisure from a customized menu right at their Slot Machine.   Speedy Serve sends the drink order directly to the Service Bar, reducing the number of steps, including the mistake prone handwritten process, required to get drinks to the Player. 

Mobile Assistant
Mobile Assistant is a fully automated Slot Dispatch system (No Dispatcher Required) that provides Real-Time Event Notification to your Staff, delivering enhanced Player Service by reducing response time and getting your Players back in the game quicker. 

Bench Repair Professional Services
MicroFirst Gaming’s in-house diagnostic & repair facility is a fully equipped Electronic Repair Service Center.  We provide high quality turn-key professional services for:  troubleshooting, repair, modifications, upgrades, manufacturing corrections, and quality assurance.   All work is backed by our excellent work assurance warranty.  New Professional Services recently added - Slot Machine CPU Repair and iVIEW 3 Repair.

Hardware Parts
Card Readers, Power Supply’s, Touch Screens, CCFL Bulbs, Power Inverters, LED Replacement and Conversion Board, Electrostatic Discharge Gaskets, Video Driver Boards, and more.  

MegaView – XS (Bally/Scientific Games – iVIEW 1/2/3) 6.2” – High Resolution – Auto Detecting (No Switch Setting Required) – Long Life LED – Slot System Touch Screen Display.

MegaView – XG (IGT - NexGen 1) New 6.2” – High Resolution – Long Life LED – Slot System Touch Screen Display, Scheduled Delivered availability Q1 2016.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kate Algera