System and Slot Machine - Upgrades, Releases, Versions & EPROMS

Through our years of experience, MicroFirst Gaming has built a knowledge base of how to test new software. Each new test scenario is thoroughly reviewed to assess what changes have been made. Test scripts are than built around these changes to ensure that they are fully regression tested. In some instances regression testing and review of areas not altered are also performed

  • Eliminate issues occurring with new software that may affect player bonusing or ticketing 
  • Ensure that software submitted to regulators will not have issues in their lab 
  • Know that upgrading to new versions won't cause major problems on the floor 
  • Prevent problems with game credit transfers 
  • Make sure all your slot machines support the features, functions, promo credits and bonusing that you use on your casino floor

Regulatory Assistance: 

MicroFirst offers jurisdictional pre-testing of software before it gets submitted to regulators. We also provide problem determination. 

With our testing services you will receive: 

Professional reports, problem determination data and overall software information. MicroFirst will work with you to obtain games, servers, system access and software to create the test needed for testing. 

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