Speedy Serve - Beverage Management System

Are your valued slot Players frustrated that when they want a beverage they can’t seem to find a Beverage Server? 

Our research has shown that the slot Players perception is that, on average, they wait thirty plus minutes for beverage service. In the traditional beverage service model, your Beverage Servers are walking the floor to the service bar, placing the order, waiting for the Bartender to make the drinks, then walking back through the slot floor to deliver the drinks, meanwhile the next group of thirsty players are  looking for a Beverage Server.

Speedy Serve enables your players to create their own beverage order at their leisure, from your custom menu right at their slot machine. The player receives updates on their order and will be notified that “your beverage is on its way” and minutes later the drink is delivered!

Speedy Serve eliminates your servers from walking the floor taking orders and possibly  missing players’ requests. Speedy Serve sends the drink order directly to the Bartender,reducing the number of steps including the mistake prone handwritten process required to get drinks to your players. Speedy Serve provides a neat and complete order to the Bartender. The Bartender is able to organize the drinks by Server for a Speedy turnaround from your service bar.

Our case studies show that the order to delivery time has been reduced from 25-30 minutes to 5-6 minutes with Speedy Serve. Customer service scores have risen significantly.


  • Wait time (player waiting for order to be taken, waitress waiting in line for Bartender)
  • Missed orders
  • Mistakes
  • Wasted drinks (machine abandoned after order taken) 
  • Servers canvassing floor looking for orders 
  • Lost Revenue (Liquor sales being missed and Slot revenue)


  • Revenue (happy customers spend more time and money)
  • Liquor Sales
  • Customer Service Rating
  • Productivity (less down time for Servers, Bartenders)
  • Servers’ and Bartenders performance can be quantified and qualified

Completely Customizable

  • Unlimited Drink Combinations 
  • Premium players can receive prioritized service 
  • Last Call Option
  • Players’ receive updates as to the status of their order
  • Player’s Drink history
  • Debit from comps, comp cash, points, slot dollars, etc. 
  • Schedule package 
  • Supervisor screen has the ability to be maintained from iPad or other mobile device 

The following screens enables the Speedy Serve Administrator to manage the Configuration Options

Waitress Configuration Screen

Bartender Configuration Screen

Supervisor Configuration Screen (iPad Compatible)

Check the Status of Drink Orders or Floor Configurations on the iPad
The following screens are presented to your customer right at the slot machine on the iView display.
Favorite Drink Selection
Specialty Cocktail Selection

Drink Add-on Options (Coffee as an example)

Final Order Selection

SpeedyServe Requirements

  • iView 1, 2, 3, DM
  • Mobile Device (Android or iOS)
  • Windows Server 2008 or greater
  • MySQL