Order Your MegaView™ Now or Lock In for 2016

MegaView™ - Order Now or Lock In for 2016 - New 6.2”- High Resolution - Auto Detecting – Long Life LED - Slot System Touch Screen Display – Volume Promotion

We have some exciting News!!!

MicroFirst Gaming is thrilled to announce a Volume Discount Promotion on MegaView™ Touch Screen Displays until the end of October!

MegaView is a premium quality 6.2” LED Slot System Touch Screen Display;

  • Plug and Play to all Bally/ACSC System Boards and Third Version of Bally/SDS System Board.
  • Auto Detection Intelligence that allows MegaView to automatically identify the Slot System Hardware version to prevent Installation mistakes (no need to configure your Display anymore).
  • Dazzling brightness with a consistent look across your entire floor. No more dull displays that make your floor look unmaintained.
  • Extremely Long Life LED that eliminates dim displays that cause your Players to squint or switch Games.
  • Wide viewing angles to provide increased Player visibility.
  • Vibrant rich colors for all your marketing content.
  • The highest value at the best pricing.

Standard Price - $217.90

Volume Promotion Pricing with Free Shipping

One Hundred (100) Order - $199.95

Two Hundred (250) Order - $194.95

Five Hundred (500) and above, contact MicroFirst Gaming for Special Pricing


If you are interested in locking in this promotion price into your 2016 budget, simply send an e-mail to parts@microfirst.com to activate your registration before the end of October with the quantity commitment you are looking to purchase.  Include in the e-mail the month (January/February) the Purchase Order will be sent in and the MegaView’s will be delivery by April

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kate Algera