Slot Excellence

MicroFirst Slot Excellence Assessment

Our Slot Excellence Assessment is a non-intrusive process that carefully sifts through thousands of details of thousands of system transactions, searching for unusual conditions. The automated process will periodically perform an extensive, in-depth analysis of your slot floor. The result will assist you in quickly identifying operational inefficiencies, possible theft, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction, enabling you to optimize revenue opportunities, improve security, and enhance your overall patron experience.

There are two tiers of service avaliable. The BASIC tier is an independent evaluation that will provide the security of knowing things are going well on your slot floor, or notifying you if they are not. The ADVANCED tier includes high importance areas where an in-depth independent verification and findings are crucial to your operations.

""What is the most dangerous slot scam happening today?"


"It’s the one you don’t know about. Recent estimates indicate casinos lose up to 6% of their revenue due to theft"

Some Key features include:

  • Excessive Ratings Offenders
  • Repeat Ticket Printing Problems
  • Keypad/Touch Screen Errors
  • Slot Security Concerns
  • Revenue Impact
  • Suspicous Jackpots
  • Bonusing
  • System/Network
  • Excessive Network
  • Excessive System Problems
  • Excessive Game Errors
  • Patron Satisfaction
  • Suspicous Activity
  • Unautorized Coin Credits
  • Suspicous Card Use
  • Unaccounted for Ticket Prints

The product deliverable includes detailed charts for several areas, including; 

Executive Trend Analysis

Remember! Our experienced technical services team can assist you with implementing timely and effective resolutions to all issues identified.