Server Extended Warranty

Worried about your Server Maintenance Warranty?

Want to protect your current Server Investment?

Looking for a fast Repair turn-around Time?

Server Help

With today’s ticketing and other crucial functions, a Server failure without proper Support and Repair coverage is catastrophic to your business. MicroFirst® Gaming’s comprehensive Extended Service Plan ensures you have Support and Repair Services when you need them. Additionally, catch problems before they become critical and avoid serious floor disruptions. Ensure peak performance and deliver a quality experience to your Patrons.

Server Extended Service Plan Includes:

  • Hardware Repair Coverage
  • Remote Technical and User Support
  • Onsite Technical and User Support
  • Emergency “Spare-in-the-Air”

Server Extended Service Plan also Includes Onsite Health Analysis:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Validation
  • Operations
  • Errors and Faults