ActiveFloor™ - LED Interactive Floor

Introducing our all New, Unique, Fun and Exiting Interactive Floor

ActiveFloor is an innovative, walk-on, scalable interactive floor display in front of any slot machine which delivers both key information and an entertaining experience...from the bottom up.

Draw attention to a specific area on the casino floor. Create a one of a kind stellar visual experience. Today's challenging economy requires more creativity than ever an thinking "Outside of the box" to remain competitive.

View ActiveFloor in action on YouTube

 Use ActiveFloor to: 

  • Identify Denominations 
  • Emphasize Progressives
  • Highlight Specialty Slot Machines 
  • Aid in the Presentation of Floor Promotions 
  • Deliver Tremendous Jackpot Experiences 
  • Draw Attention to Particular Areas 
  • Enhance Celebration Experiences 
  • Compatible with existing Digital Signage Systems

ActiveFloor offers fully programmable content in a standard configuration of one per slot machine, or in your own customized dimensions. Use this flexibility to bring your ideas to life!

MicroFirst Gaming ActiveFloor Specification: 

  • 100,000 hour lifetime in normal use 
  • Sizes and shapes can vary-any rectangular shape from 2-25 feet or more 
  • Detects location of people standing on it 
  • Higher resolutions (more dots per inch) available for wall-mounted usage 
  • Can be used in separate strips (e.g., on stairs, walkways, etc.)
  • Can support more than 2,000 lbs
  • Hundreds of thousands of colors 
  • IP54 waterproof rating

Interactive LED Floor Technical Specs

Pixel Pitch:


Pixel Matrix:

64x64 pixels

Pixel Configuration:

SMD 3-in-1


1800~2800 nit

Data Refresh Rate:

1,500 Hz

Grey Scale:

12 bit

Brightness Adjustment:

256 levels
Contrast: 1000:1
Unit Size:



20 lbs/panel

Power Consumption: 150 W/panel
Viewing Angle:


lamp life: >50,000 hours (50% Brightness)
Work Temperature:


Relative Humidity: 10%~90% RH
Protection Level: IP54
Work Voltage:


Certificate: CE


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