Slot Services Matrix




Information Technology



Go-Live and Installation Support

X X X MicroFirst provides support, manpower, and technical expertise at any stage of go-live. We can assist staff to ensure all devices are on-line and functional, as well as assist with upgrading devices to the most currently released software. We can train staff on all tasks performed while on site.

Specification Writing

X X X We can create both high-level and detailed specification documents to ensure the project is accurately implemented and delivered.

Training, Certification, and Configuration


Training and Certification

MicroFirst can provide training in all areas of the slot system. We also provide certification courses in a classroom-like format, including comprehensive workbooks outlining the details of the course. MicroFirst offers certification classes in areas such as:

Slots and IT- Configuration, Ethernet Floor Operations, Slot System Patron Display, Overall System Operation, Player and Employee Card, Slot Floor Bonusing, System Monitoring, Troubleshooting
and Problem Determination

Marketing- Slot System Patron Display, Overall System Operation, Player and Employee Cards, Slot Floor Bonusing

Player Tracking and iView Optimization

X X   MicroFirst can perform an on-site evaluation of how the slot system is being utilized. A detailed report will be presented showing the results of our analysis, including information on feature functions that allows you to determine possible strategic options. MicroFirst will work with you to ensure that features are properly configured and that your marketing effort extends to the Slot System Patron Display. If desired, we will help you make use of available system functions which are currently unused.

Project Management

X   X With our experienced technical leadership, coupled with our industry knowledge, MicroFirst can manage a project of any scope. We offer coordination, tracking, documentation, and any required reports. Tailored plans can be created to provide the level of management needed in terms of budget and requirements. Whether you are opening a new property or installing a product upgrade, MicroFirst can relieve the tension associated with your project.
Board Repair   X X At MicroFirst, our board repair facility provides a fast turnaround and up-front, capped cost. If you have an item that we do not currently repair, we will work with you to obtain the necessary equipment to execute the repair.

Upgrades, Configuration and Installation

  X X MicroFirst offers both on-site and remote resources that can provide failsafe software installation, new product configuration or system upgrades.
Network Services   X X We offer resources for design, implementation, and rollout of servers, databases, and networks.
Regulatory Assistance   X X MicroFirst’s experienced technical and application resources can assist with submissions, problem resolution, lab support, and software compatibility testing.
Slot Excellence   X X Our automated analysis of system, network and floor-level SMS data provides valuable information and an evaluation of your active floor. This service will increase uptime and eliminate the risk of malfunctions that cost you revenue. You will be able to locate and resolve system errors and provide better system performance, resulting in an enhanced patron experience, high-quality data, and smooth system operation. Included in this service is a close examination of ticket data and floor activity to identify potential ticketing scams. We provide a comprehensive report outlining current and potential problems, as well as possible causes. Talk to us about working with you to get to the bottom of those hard-to-solve problems.

System Software & Release Testing

  X X MicroFirst performs quality assurance testing and provides reports on problems that are identified. Our thorough testing greatly reduces the risk of having issues with new software when loaded. We can help to prevent crashes on the casino floor, prevent regulatory issues, and as a result enhance the patron experience. MicroFirst also provides this service for Slot Machine software.

Troubleshooting and Support

  X X MicroFirst offers both on-site and remote analysis, problem determination, technical direction evaluation, and problem resolution.


MicroFirst maintains Top Level Licenses in all major jurisdictions which includes the ability to work on sensitive gaming technology including electronic funds transfer.
iVIEW, Advanced Casino Systems Corporation (ACSC), and Slot Management. System (SMS) are the trademarks of their respective companies.

Experienced availability for some services are system specific. Some services may require additional information and specifications for your systems supplier.