Bucket Manager

Do you have valued Slot Players that would prefer using their Comp Dollars at the Slot Machine as opposed to any of the Property Amenities?

Do you carry a lot of liability on your Comp Dollar Books that you would like to reduce while giving your Slot Players more of what they want by converting to Free Slot Play?

Our research has shown that promotions of this type result in a high response rate from Slot Players while also generating additional trips to the property. MicroFirst Gaming’s “Bucket Manager” allows the Slot Player to convert their Comp Dollars to Free Slot Play right at the slot machine at a conversion rate fully controlled by the Operator.

MicroFirst Gaming’s Bucket Manager Product

Provides the property with a controllable Promotion to reduce the Comp Dollar liability currently on the books. Also, freeing up your Player’s Club line for your new Slot Players and keeping your existing Slot Players at the Slot Machine.

Before and After with BucketManager

Before Bucket Manager

After Bucket Manager

Bucket Manager verifies that a Player has enough money in their Comp Balance Account to have the feature available to them. If so, an interactive menu is presented, guiding the Player through the process of converting their selected amount of Comp Dollar to Free Slot Play. Once the Player touches the “Bucket Manager” button, the Player will then be prompted to enter their current PIN. The Player will be notified of the Conversion Rate set by the User/Operator. Then the Player will select the amount they wish to transfer. The Player will choose whether they wish to Confirm or Cancel the transfer after learning the Conversion Rate.

Sample Visual for PIN Screen

PIN Screen

Sample Visual for Conversion Rate Screen

Conversion Rate Screen

The Player will choose Continue and press the Free Slot Play button on the Dashboard to download to the Slot Machine.

Sample Visual for Transfer Amount Screen

Transfer Amount Screen

Sample Visual for Conversion Rate Confirmation Screen

Conversion Rate Confirmation Screen

Sample Visual for Thank You Screen

Thank You Screen

Bucket Manager is personalized for your casino, with a consistent look and feel that matches your property’s branding.

Please contact MicroFirst Gaming and we will arrange to get Bucket Manager up and running for your Players on your casino floor right away!