Bonus Now

The Bonus Now product enables the casino to configure a Bonus Promotion to run an interactive content bonus show. This bonus content show will be displayed to the patron on the first card-in to eligible patrons. Additionaly, we will create a bonus show to reveal the winnings to the patron.

The following sequence of events will occur, inclusive of existing Bonusing logic already in the core system:

  • Promo code setup with expiration date/time and patrons already added.
  • Patron arrives and inserts player's card.
  • Inserting card sets off a trigger and code looks to see if patron is in promo code.
  • If patron is in promo code and the card is being inserted for the first time of the day, the Content will start up and can be played by the patron.
  • If patron is in promo code, but has played Content already, the Content will not start up.
  • Patron plays Content and credits are downloaded from their account.
  • Patron can download as many credits as they want, but they don't have to download all.
  • Patron can go to another machine and continue to download more credits if there are some left.

Provides control to the Operator with configuring when and how the Bonus Game Content is presented to the patron.

The utility will retrieve the Dynamic Award amount from the iSeries Bonus Database

The Bonus Game Content will run depending on one of the options below:

  • Once on First Card-In
  • On every card in where the Bonus feature is available
  • Until some or all of the Bonus money is redeemed
  • Until the patron has acknowledged a Redeem Option

Samples of Bonus Now content: